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GPZ 7000-GPZ 7000

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GPZ 7000

GPZ 7000

The Gold Detector GPZ 7000 is one of the best gold detectors in the world, it's have the latest advanced search technology to make the device more sensitive and increase its ability to detect gold

Country of Origin:
USD - 7000

Gold Detector GPZ 7000

  • If you are looking for Crude gold and a high quality device and efficient experience on the field and you are care about time factor in the search process and provide the effort and find the largest possible amount of raw gold, choose the GPZ 7000 because of this device is using the advanced an latest technology (ZVT) which is the best technology compared to the other technologies such as VLF technology and others
  • The device is developed by adding many various features and new technologies, and It’s comes with two choices of coils a 14 inch coil and a 19 inch coil to cover the largest search area and also to accommodate all the terrain, also the device providing more freely with the wireless headsets which is attached to the device and There is also a wired headphone to be suitable for all types of users 
  • The GPS 7000 is also support GPS technology which is plays an important role in the detecting process to provide the ability of knowing where are you detecting and to know the latest detecting areas, Also the GPS 7000 is designed to be Waterproof, so it is easy to find gold in marshes and water areas The gold detector GPZ7000 also features an easy-to-navigate and all of these features to make the device more efficient and thus increase the chances of exploring gold

Features  and Techniques of Gold Detector GPZ 7000

  • more deep Gold nugget’s and gold bars are always located at a depth of the ground, so the gold detector GPSZ7000 has been developed to reach a depth of more than 40% of the GPX series, which increases the chances of discovering gold and makes the gold fields that have been Their discovery becomes new with the GPS 7000 device where it is possible to search deeply into those fields.
  • Simple and easy menu in usual the problem of using gold detector devices is in the simplicity of adjust and set the device to make the detector search for gold quickly so this feature in the gold detector GPZ 7000, which contains a simplified menu to facilitate the preparation of the device, which increases the chances of finding gold and makes The process of exploring gold easier
  • Increased sensitivity of gold The GPZ 7000 are equipped with new features and techniques that increase the sensitivity of gold detection so that the device can detect for even small pieces that blend with the soil and can not be easily detected.
  • Support wireless audio Most of the gold detecting devices are facing the problem of wire audio which is fixed in GPS 7000 its comes with a wireless audio headset GPS technology
  • It is difficult to know the location of detection during detecting gold as the focus of the detector on the gold more than the side which makes it disoriented in some cases so the GPS 7 GPS equipped to enable the detector to identify his current location to make it easy to get back to the starting point and also to know where to explore the gold.
  • Precision Ground Balance Most of the gold detector is buried in the mineralised difficult ground that many detectors can’t cope with. The GPZ 7000 accurately balances and automatically tracks to even the most severe ground conditions, with ease.
  • Waterproof coil The GPZ 14 coil is waterproof and submersible to a depth of 1 m, you can easily detect gold in rivers and shorelines with no fuss, The weatherproof design of the GPZ 7000 allows you to go detecting in rainy or wet conditions
  •  Enhanced Noise Immunity The gold detector GPZ7000 comes with an Enhanced Noise Immunity feature of 256 channels of noise that has been canceled to make the discovery of gold easier.

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