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Gold and Gold veins Detector Gold Monster 1000 is one of the best gold detectors in the world where it proved its practical competence in the discovery of small and large gold nuggets and gold veins

Country of Origin:
USD - 899


The advanced GOLD MONSTER 1000 uses an intermediate 45 kHz frequency AND a high speed 24-bit signal processor. This primary combination greatly boosts sensitivity to gold beyond that of other single frequency VLF detectors over a wide range of nugget sizes, without introducing excess noise and false signals.

❖ Gold Monster 1000 is one of the most famous gold detecting devices with advanced and high performance used in the detection of gold in proportion to the efficiency and design of flexible and strong use of technology VLF advanced in the search for gold also comes the device supported by an automatic system does not need to modify or more knowledge to use

❖ The gold monster device is easy to install and dismantle all parts of it without any difficulty, which makes it transfer to the areas of exploration and research is easy, but also can travel to remote areas without damage and the device comes supported by two GM10 coil which is used to cover a large area during the detection process for gold and to detect more deeply also it comes with a GM5 coil which is used for detection in the narrow areas and small areas that cannot be accessed using the other coil

❖ Gold detectors are always facing the problems of battery which is a major obstacle in the process of gold detection so the gold monster 1000 that supports two types of rechargeable batteries made of lithium and it can recharge by electric charger or by the car charger, or we can use 8 AA batteries

❖ There is a feature in the gold detector gold monster 1000 does not exist in the other devices which is possible to work using any homemade stick to carry the device in state of the original stick it

Features and techniques of gold detector gold monster 1000

❖ Advanced VLF technology The Gold Detector gold monster 1000 was developed with a smart and fully automated system based on advanced and intelligent VLF technology to get the best performance of the device and to didn’t lose any opportunity to find small gold nuggets and even large pieces of it.

❖ High scalability Easy to decode and install Gold Detector Gold Monster 1000 It is possible to modify the device amazingly to meet the needs of the user

❖ Easy and fast operating system The device has a list of settings that are easy to operate and do not need more effort so that the detector can adjust them and focus on the detection of gold instead of time in the device settings

❖ gold indicators The Gold Monster 1000 comes with gold indicators to make it easy to find out how much gold is discovered.

❖ Iron Reject The option of iron rejection is one of the most important options available with the Gold Monster 1000 to detect gold only and to listen to its sound

❖ six different levels of sound To adapt to all types of users and levels of audio the gold monster 100 supporting six levels of sound, which makes control as required by the user

❖ High adaptability to different terrain The Gold Detector gold monster 1000 operates under all climatic conditions and terrain of the soil and environment to be detected

❖ Broader coverage of the ground The device covers the widest possible area of the ground during the search

❖ Detect in tight spaces Using the GM5 coil in gold monster 1000 is cover the tight and narrowest places where there may be small gold nuggets

❖ Water proof coil (up to 1 m / 3 inch) The gold monster 1000 coil is a waterproof and its enables the user to search the water bodies for a depth of up to 1 meter underwater

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