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Gold and Coins Detector Gold KRUZER is a new in the gold ,treasures and coins detecting field and it's works with E.D.U to increase the depth and speed of exploration targets and supports the advantage of ignoring and rejecting iron

Country of Origin:
USD - 749

❖ Gold Detectors, Treasures and Coins Gold Cruiser is the best equipment in this field It is characterized by its quality and high technology which has been specially developed for these machines It also has the advantage of being Waterproof, working at a depth of up to 5 meters below the surface of water, which no other device has to excel at On all its competitors and make exploration in the seas, rivers and water bodies of the simplest things ❖ Depth exploration of the objectives is a new technology has been supported on the device GOLD KRUZER so that the device can track the target to be explored and where the level of depth can be adjusted according to the profile and the terrain and the environment to be explored even those under the water and also contains the device has four modes of search and they show the search for All metals are designed to search for all kinds of metals and explain quick search, enhanced search mode and precise search mode

Features and Techniques of Detecting Treasures, Coins and Pavements GOLD KRUZER ❖ Four modes of research Where the device supports four modes of adjustment that suit all different conditions and terrain and to operate the device in all terrain and even under the surface of the water ❖ Three levels to measure the depth of the target Gold detectors, coins and gold coins come with three levels to measure the depth of the target, giving accurate readings to the user. It is known at what depth gold, treasure, or metal work exists, so it is necessary to know how to drill and choose the drill hole that is suitable for the depth of the target. ❖ Working under the water depth of 5 meters The feature that is not found in any device for the exploration of gold and minerals, which is the search in depth up to 5 meters below the surface of the water Yes, there are devices operating under the water, but not more than a depth of 3 meters The strength of gold detectors and minerals Gold Cruiser here, as far as that depth Which did not reach any detectors went before and also gives this feature the opportunity to explore the treasures under the surface of the water and which passed a long time ❖ The device operates at a frequency of 61 kHz The gold and metal detector comes with the powerful 61 KHz Gold Cruiser, which increases the sensitivity of the device and encircles small and large gold atoms ❖ Supports Gold Detector and Gold GOLD KRUZER CLASSIC RESEARCH The device contains two plates to detect the GK 26C coil with a distance of 14X26 cm and the GK 19 by 19X10 cm and both plates are waterproof ❖ Detect precious metal only and discard iron metal The iron rejection feature is an important factor in Gold Cruiser's Gold Detector as it increases the performance of the device in a very high and deep depth where the gold detector Macro Gold Cruiser can detect the deepest nuggets of natural and raw gold or cut jewelry and small ornaments and other treasures and buried can not device Last discovered ❖ The new E.D.U feature for more depth The feature offers additional depth to the ground so that the device has the ability to detect the types of minerals that can not be captured because of the natural conditions of the ground and the different terrain and different types of soil in different regions ❖ Speed detection targets Gold Cruiser provides a quick response to the signals coming from various targets and analyzing them very quickly and thus helps the finder to find gold, treasures and jewelry that can not be accessed by competing machines, especially in areas where there is a large sediment and rubbish, which is a large confusion on any detector gold and minerals Enable Guo Gold Cruiser Devices ❖ Special lithium - polymer battery The device has a high-capacity lithium battery that is easy to charge and its working hours are up to 19 hours continuous work, which makes the device stand up to the last moment of work possible ❖ Update your device software over the Internet Detection devices are always working on old systems that are not updatable, and are accompanied by the latest developments and latest technology in the world of gold and metal detectors, treasures and jewelries. However, Gold Cruiser detectors are distinguished from others. The new updates and settings can be downloaded via the company's website and the device software is updated. By connecting it to the computer via the cable that comes with the device ❖ Size and weight of the device The gold and metal detector Gold Cruiser is lightweight, with a weight of only 1.4 kg, allowing the detector comfort, efficient use and ease of navigation without trouble.