X-ray baggage scanner SR5S_X-ray baggage scanner SR5S

X-ray baggage scanner SR5S-X-ray baggage scanner SR5S

X-ray baggage scanner SR5S+X-ray baggage scanner SR5S

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X-ray baggage scanner SR5S

X-ray baggage scanner SR5S

SR 5S is a portable, battery powered X-ray security inspection equipment designed by HZ.The wedge imager design allows the operator to get the imager into very confined spaces

USD - 21300

X-ray Baggage scanner SR5S used in airports, railway stations, bus stations, government buildings, embassies, convention centers, exhibition centers, hotels, shopping malls, major events, post offices, schools.

X-Ray Baggage Scanner Technology: The machine is equipped with the advanced X‐Ray image detection system and combines the advantages of the active semiconductor detector, digital image processing technology, and computer image display to provide users with an efficient and reliable high‐quality image processing system with the service function.

Dual‐energy X‐Ray security inspection equipment is a new security inspection device which makes use of the penetrating power of X‐Ray to implement the rapid inspection of the packing baggage and goods.

Checkpoint inspection of incoming personnel, visitor or traveler belongings, including backpacks, laptop bags, purses and luggage.

SR 5S is a portable, battery powered X-ray security inspection equipment designed by HZ.The wedge imager design allows the operator to get the image


  • High penetration with sub-millimeter resolution
  • Designed for rapid deployment and easy use
  • Powerful image enhancementand analysis tools
  • User-friendly software
  • Two waterproof and rugged carrying cases
  • 300mm×250mm imaging area.
  • Penetrating up to 12mm steel at 150kV

Software Features

  1.   The detector can capture x-ray perspective image from suspicious package.
  2.  There are many image processing functions, such as “Mark”, “pseudocolor”, “Binaryzation”, “Histogram”; “relief”, “Rotation”, “Zoom”, “Mirror”, “Negative”; “Edge Extraction”, “Threshold”, “Constract”, “Grayscale”, “Wide Dynamic”, “Sharpen”; “Freeze”, “Image Measure”, “Manual Jigsaw”
  3.   There are buttons “New”, “Open”, “Close”, “Save”, “SaveAs”, “Print”, “Exit” etc.
  4.  Image storage ability: more than 10000 pictures which can be removed by internet or USB Port.




Operating Mode

Pulse, it can launch 4000 pulses after change.

Best Detecting Distance



5.5 Kg (with battery)

X-ray Leakage Dose Rate

Less than 200µGy/h and 20µGy/h at the distance of 5cm and 1m away from the surface of x-ray tube.

Penetration Capacity

12mm steel


3mR per pulse



X-ray Tube Lifetime

10 million pulse life(The tube can be replaced)

Resolution Ratio

It can penetrate 16mm aluminum to see 38AWG wire.

X-Ray Imager

Imager Size


Imaging Window



5.5Kg (with battery)

X-ray Detection system

hypersensitive CCD X-ray detector (1600*1200 pixel)

Dynamic Range

14bit(16383 gray)


12V lithium batteries

Power Supply

8 Hours

Working Temperature


Relative Humidity

10%~90% (no moisture condensation)

Imaging Station


Lenovo or HP Laptop


Dual Core


RAM:2G ,Hard Disk:500G

Operating system

Microsoft Windowns 7


AC and DC Batteries