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SDC 2300

SDC 2300

The SDC 2300 Gold detectors is one of the most powerful and latest technology in gold detection, where the depth of the device is up to 3 meters and it's also waterproof

Country of Origin:
USD - 2650

❖ The Gold and Metal Detector SDC 2300 is designed to be used in all types of soils and climates, even those of tropical and wet climates It also has solid parts that are designed with a degree of military durability to withstand the extreme conditions of nature and is designed to operate the machine even on water bodies Under water is an easy thing and has been specially developed to detect small pieces of gold that weigh no more than 1 gram ❖ The size of the small device is one of the most important features added to gold detectors SDC 2300, where it facilitates the fold and the individual again, so that the device becomes small and become very small and does not exceed the size of the magazine to facilitate the movement of moving from one place to another and also does not constitute a barrier to travel in proportion to its small size ❖ The SDC 2300 can easily search for the deposits of small gold pieces that can be an input and part of the amount of gold underneath The small pieces in the surface are evidence of larger pieces in depth Advanced and is based on the principle of pulse conversion between sending and receiving signals faster than the times of gold detectors using traditional impulse induction technology, making the SDC 2300 more sensitive to the parts of gold, especially those small ones Easy to operate the device has made it a tool easy to use even for beginners, which contains buttons to run easy to adjust and do not need much knowledge and also contains the device button to cancel the external noise, which is disturbing the users and limit the option to cancel noise from this problem permanently and also allows the device option to adjust the sound level by The Navigator is suitable for all underwater conditions, but it also has a built-in speaker with the device and a headphone that connects to the device It is also supported by another waterproof headphone for exploration in rivers and water bodies for a depth of up to three meters Water surface

Features and Techniques of Gold Detector SDC 2300 ❖ Built-in It can be folded to a small size to carry, 8.5 inches (216 mm) and 15.7 inches (400 mm). Fits load bags and the majority of backpacks. ❖ Water resistance capability Operable underwater to a depth of 10 feet (3 meters) for detection in the bottoms of rivers and beaches, allowing you to move between land and water easily. ❖ Solid and does not need to assemble parts A military-grade structure, a one-piece metal detector designed to work in the most difficult circumstances. It does not need to be compiled. ❖ Ease of land search Research quickly and effectively in remote, hard-to-reach places to find gold-containing aggregates that are difficult to reach. ❖ Multi-Period Speed Technology (MPF): The MPF (Multi-Period Speed) technology has a very fast pulsating effect between the Tx and Rx signals. Thus, the minimum signal of transmission will remain during the reception cycle, allowing detection of the sharp detection of the very small gold. ❖ High quality design The mechanical platform of the SDC 2300 is specially designed and tested according to strict military standards. Our R & D experts choose the best materials to ensure smooth operation and operation ❖ Super performance Inspired by the MPS technology used in the GPX series of leading detectors, the MineLab scientists and engineers have been able to "challenge the best" and develop the new (fast and multiplex) MPF technology successfully and use it in the SDC 2300. ❖ More sensitivity The SDC 2300 is extremely sensitive to cutting small gold scattered in the mineral-rich ground This gold often escapes users using VLF and PI detectors due to the difficulty of soil conditions and the size of gold pieces. You can now find small gold pieces in the previously explored spaces without finding anything. Finding these small pieces of gold may reveal new patches and larger gold deposits

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