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GPX 5000

GPX 5000

GPX 5000 is one of the most powerful detectors of gold and treasures, which reach depths varying and it's have amazing results and very effective to make the acquisition of treasures and gold is very easy

Country of Origin:
USD - 2439

❖ Gold detectors are the most powerful device in the detection of gold and treasures The GPX 5000 series combines precision and sensitivity to detect the smallest pieces of raw natural gold in the ground and well as treasures and minerals

❖ The GPX500 has the precision and professionalism to locate and search for treasures and many other underground minerals It works with the latest technologies from MineLab such as MPS, DVT and SETA, to detect Treasures more than any device before him

❖ The Gold Detector GPX 5000 includes many unique features, including eight patterns of search to give the users all possible options The machine works eight different devices to suit each of the different soil conditions and terrain, more depth than any other device and sensitivity The high cut gold is so small that the machine does not allow the loss of any possible opportunity in finding gold and also to make the machine easy to handle even with new beginners in the detection of gold and metal ornaments

Features and techniques of treasures and minerals detector GPX 5000

❖ MPS, DVT & SETA techniques The device is designed to include the latest research techniques to become the best devices in the detection of treasures and minerals

❖ 8 options of searching With eight searching options this makes the GPX 5000 the most powerful and best in extracting and discovering treasures and minerals, thus reducing the time, effort and cost of purchasing more than one detector for these purposes.

❖ Improved electronics parts The electronics parts included in the GPX 5000 have been improved to increase the sensitivity of the device and increase its performance, efficiency and balance in the search process

❖ Lithium ion battery for stronger performance To increase the working hours of the device, the GPX5000 was designed and supported by a lightweight lithium ion battery and its ability to increase the device working hours and the sound of the loudspeaker

❖ Sensitivity adjustment option Increased reception sensitivity allows more accurate control of sensitivity to optimize performance and find treasures and gold faster.

❖ Precision Ground Balance The automatic land balancing options make it easy to adjust the detector to suit all the soil conditions, such as quick search, ground searching, balanced and constant ground searching, etc

❖ Audio adjustment options Audio adjustment in GPX 5000 to maximize audio signal signals to suit the audio user's ability to suit all detector types.

❖ iron rejection The ability to adjust the rejection of iron to suit the level of iron in the nature of the ground in which it is excavated

❖ Control the movement of the device The movement of the GPX 5000 can be adjusted so that the speed of the scan is proportional to the area being searched and gives optimal response to the targets.

❖ Noise control(Tune) Automatic and Manual options to minimize electrical interference

❖ Backlight The backlighting on the GPX5000 crystal display allows you to read the menu in the day and night to search easier and also backlighting at a time when you can set it to keep battery power.

❖ Provides two coils with the device The 11-inch coil with the gold detector GPX 5000 to increase the possibility of searching in depth and suitability of all circumstances

❖ Support many languages The GPX 5000 supports many languages such as English, Spanish, Russian and Arabic

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