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GPX 4500- GPX 4500

GPX 4500+ GPX 4500

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 GPX 4500

GPX 4500

GPX 4500 is the best gold detectors that have proved it's high performance in gold discovery. The device is coming with two coils and a its depth up to 3 meters b depending on the gold nugget size

Country of Origin:
USD - 1949

GPX 4500 Properties

❖ The Gold and Metal Detector GPX 4500 is one of the best devices to detect raw gold nuggets and gold veins and small granules as well as the big nuggets in the exploration fields

❖ GPX 4500 is characterized by its outstanding performance in various types of environment, climatic conditions and ground terrain, even in areas with high metal content, where the gold detector GPX 4500 can access and detect more depth compared to other devices

❖ The GPX 4500 combines accuracy, performance and speed with its high specifications and technology to be the first device in the search for Crude gold, treasures and metals

❖ The system also comes with a smart system to increase and find the best opportunities of automatic calibration and identification of the target types

The versatile GPX‑4500 has great performance on all sizes of gold, and penetrates mineralised ground deeper than all basic PI detectors.

Features and techniques of GPX-4500

SETA, DVT and MPS superior techniques of gold detecting The gold detector GPX 4500 is equipped with the latest technology in the world of gold detecting namely SETA, DVT and MPS technology to increase the efficiency of the device in the detection of gold

Two search coil option The GPX 4500 comes with two panes to make it easy to search and search in all climates and terrain, including 11-inch and 9-inch

Six patterns of searching The gold detector GPX 4500 developed with intelligent system contains six patterns pre-programmed to suit all types of soil and terrain to increase the various opportunities for detection gold and it can be modified by the user and save it to be used in the future

Different settings for all soil types There is a control for all types of soil which is suitable for all soil types

Ground Balance for neutral soils. This is a useful feature for very benign low mineralised or salt saturated soils. This setting will also work well for treasure or relic hunters in loam or sandy soils

Backlight of the screen The GBX 4500 gold detector is designed with screen backlight with adjustable timing option to conserve battery life

Volume control The new volume allows the user to increase the signal strength of the targets tones which is useful in very stormy weather or when using external speakers. The volume adjustment option can be used as a sound booster in mild dust and can also be used to reduce or mitigate terrestrial noise signals

Iron rejection The iron rejection function allows for the level of discrimination you want between caution and sharpness. This will provide an opportunity to search for gold in places that were previously detected

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