underground water

Ground water is the second type of water besides surface water, as it is found in the pores of rocks of various types of sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous that make up the surface of the earth, and has been formed over hundreds of years through its penetration through loose soil, with large pores that allow water to pass through it, and the source Groundwater is rainwater, permanent and permanent river water, and groundwater has many characteristics and features that distinguish it from surface water, and it is revealed through the use of advanced devices and technologies that help to know its location, and we will get to know here and in this article the best devices for detection. .





Groundwater detection devices
The BR 500 GW contains a small, easy-to-use device that can detect underground water at a depth of up to five hundred square meters underground, and works with a soil resistance system, remote sensing, and can detect large pools of water, determine their depth, and detect mineral water The subsurface under the surface reaches a thousand meters in a circular motion, and it is equipped with a battery that works for ten consecutive hours with a backup battery.
Equimaster Pro Digital This device depends in its work on measuring the electrical resistance in the soil by means of four rods used to install the device, where it is implanted through it in the soil in the form of a square, and it displays the results in the form of digital vertical data for reading, and is characterized by the ability to detect the location of the groundwater At a depth of three hundred twenty square meters, the device contains a twelve-volt battery with its charger.
Quarto Force is an easy-to-use device that contains a smart technological system through the presence of an analog analyzer that sends electrical waves through the rods that fix the device to the ground, and its high-strength battery can send waves with a strength of one hundred and ten volts that reach the largest depth in the ground, and shows the results by showing Numeric values ??on the LCD screen, in addition to audio indicators, to give an indication of the presence of water in the ground.
7000 King Water is a device equipped with the latest technology and programs that give accurate results in determining the amount of water, its salinity, and its depth, which reaches six hundred and eighty square meters, and saves time in determining the location of water gatherings more than any other device, with its ease of use, and a rechargeable battery Long lasting.
Net Spring works on an integrated automatic geological system, based on the principle of electrical resistance to soil, and it shows on its screen everything that is required of the type of water, its depth, and density with great accuracy, and works on all types of ground terrain and in all climatic climates, and is characterized by the presence of a ground balance system for adaptation With the type and nature of the soil.