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Latest Gold Detectors GPX 5000

If you are looking for gold ore and a device with high quality and efficiency tested on the ground and you care about the factor of time in the search process and save effort and find the largest amount of gold ore, so be your choice Hoji BX 5000 GPX

Gold detectors GBX 5000 is one of the strongest and best devices in the detection of gold, antiquities, burials and treasures where the GBX 5000 series combines the accuracy and sensitivity to discover the smallest pieces of natural ore gold in the ground as well as treasures and all metals

There are some modern techniques and systems in the gold detector GPX 5000 and includes the following:

MPS, DVT & SETA Technologies

The device is designed to include the latest research technology to become the best devices in the detection of gold ornaments, treasures, treasures and burials

Eight development for research

With eight development of research, this makes the GPX 5000 the most powerful and preferential extraction and discovery of gold fields, treasures and currencies, which reduces the time, effort and cost in the purchase of more than a detector to perform these purposes, if all these features in one device.

Improved electronics used

The electronics included in the GPX 5000 are optimized to increase the sensitivity of the device and increase its performance, efficiency and balance in the search process.

Lithium-ion battery for stronger performance

The device is designed and supported by a lightweight lithium-ion battery and its ability to increase the loudspeaker

Possibility to adjust sensitivity

Increased reception sensitivity adjustment allows for more precise sensitivity control for optimal performance and faster gold and treasure creation.

Automatic budget option

The movement of the GPX 5000 can be adjusted so that the scanning speed is proportional to the area being searched and gives optimal response to the targets

Noise cancellation

It enables you to adjust the noise of the GPX 5000 manually or automatically for the best quality in detecting gold and treasures


The added backlight on the GPX 5000 allows you to read the menu on a crystal display, making day and night searching easier and the backlight also has a turn off time that you can adjust to conserve battery power.

Provide two dishes with the machine

Two plates with an 11-inch GPX 5000 gold detector are available for increased depth and convenience

Support many languages

The GPX 5000 supports many English, Spanish, Russian and Arabic languages GPX 5000GPX latest gold detectors, from Gold Rush company offer to gold seekers at the best price

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