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The exploration for gold and minerals is something impressive Have you ever thought what happens when you find a piece of gold Do wonder what will happen to your life in full to know first what is gold and the whereabouts of gold and how to search for it in nature


Gold is a glossy metal, expensive, chemically symbolized by the symbol Au, and its atomic number 79, and is called in its ore, the name of the dust; . The largest mass of gold in Australia was discovered in 1896, weighing 2,280 ounces. Gold is soft, non-corrosive, and is one of the most dense elements and the monetary base used by the International Monetary Fund.

Where gold is located

Each area contains a different mineral; due to its weather conditions and soil components; it is better for gold seekers to prospect for it in land that is not owned by anyone so as not to be punished; if so, be sure to obtain approval from the landowners; It is best to start looking for it in places where it was previously found, in order to save time and not strain self-worthless.

How to explore for gold in nature

Many people have a hobby of gold prospecting, especially those looking for quick wealth. Gold is also found underground in the form of long clusters mixed with other elements, but these elements quickly degrade when exposed to weather conditions, even if very simple, to keep gold Free, and clustered at the surface of the soil; or the shores of rivers and this makes the gold coins a simple target, and easy for those looking for

Ways to find gold

There are several ways to find gold, the best of which is through a metal detector, which can be used in the desert and dry areas; because such devices do not need water to work, but they also do a great job and give good results near the shores of rivers where Gold deposits are available, and after finding the best areas for exploration, we use a metal detector for underground exploration, and there are several modern methods of extraction of gold, including extracted from the river streams, and gold mines, as well as from the ground but we warn you of some devices that do not work well We warn all prospectors of Being dragged behind sensors and imaging is a big trick that wastes your money, effort and time

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