Methods of detecting gold without a device

Gold searches are usually done using gold detectors, while methods for detecting gold without a gold detector or metal detector are also possible, and these methods can be used to search for and find gold under the surface of the earth and sometimes it is better than using the device in order to expose the device to interference in condition The presence of other minerals, and among the methods of detecting gold without a device are the following: In the case of buried gold, you can search in the places of life of ancient civilizations and follow the signs and sometimes maps that indicate the place of burial of gold with great accuracy. Search for some types of rocks that gold is usually found accompanying, such as quartz rocks. Search in places with a high percentage of sulfur rocks, such as volcanoes


We thank you for the good follow-up and we warn all prospectors not to be dragged behind the sensing and imaging devices, as it is a big trick that wastes your money, effort and time.

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