Gold Rush Company welcomes the trade of inspection devices and all surveillance and alarm devices

We are pleased to announce the launch of the GoldRush website. You can now browse the many sections and services offered by the company and know the finest details about them.

Gold Rush Scientific Equipment Trading Co

We have always devoted our time to serve our customers so welcome at any time inquiries, questions and clarifications and provide all possible information and free consultation in all technological products and digital devices and wireless devices and remote control and security systems, protection and control, including electronic gates and inspection devices and surveillance cameras and alarms and others, so do not hesitate to communicate With us you will always find us at your service

GoldRush was established in the year 2010. Our company specializes in all technological products, precision digital devices, wireless devices, remote control, security systems, protection and surveillance, including electronic gates, inspection devices and alarm devices.Gold Rush has won the trust of customers by providing our high quality products with international specifications. The free pre-purchase experience makes us more transparent than others

What distinguishes us: -

 Our products are original
 Our competitive prices
I have a team of excellent hardware installation
 Our distinctive services
 Three years warranty for each products
Free training
? Fast maintenance
• Fast and free shipping services to all countries of the world
Quick response services to inquiries through social media channels and direct phone calls

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With GoldRush Metal Detection Systems and Gates Discover what is inside bags and cars Protect your facility, company or organization from any threat.
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