Garrett PD 6500i

  • Garrett PD 6500I The best walk-through in the world

Enhanced Pinpoint Walk-Through Metal Detector

Multi-brand compatibility

Can be added to existing checkpoints

without having to replace other brand

units. Includes multiple channels and

2,300 selectable operating frequencies.

Optimum Performance

More than 20 standard program settings

scienti_ cally engineered to address the

needs of airports, courthouses, prisons,

schools, facilities, special events, mass

transit, loss prevention, and other


Pacing lights

Universal “wait” and “proceed” symbols at

the detector entrance for tra_ c controls.

Advanced networking (optional)

Manage walkthroughs individually or as

groups and perform statistical analysis

via network with CMA interface module.

Supervisors can remotely access controls,

visual alarms and statistics

Directional counter

Four settings for counting patrons:

forward only, reverse only, subtract

in reverse, and bidirectional.

Advanced broadband technology

Analyzes targets across a broad range of

frequencies for greater accuracy. Provides

superior ferrous and non-ferrous detection.

Improved discrimination means fewer false

alarms and higher throughput.

More accurate pinpointing

With more than four times the detection coils

of competitive models, the PD 6500i provides

uniform detection and precise pinpointing.

Independent zone indicator lights on both

side panels identify not only height but also

left, center and right locations for one or more

objects passing through the archway

Dual-sided detection

This unique bilateral technology has

transmitters and receivers in each side panel

to allow scanning from both sides, resulting

in uniform detection throughout the archway.

It also provides superior noise cancellation

resulting in easier setup (i.e. no need to rotate

the unit to avoid interference from nearby

equipment such as other metal detectors or

x-ray machines).

Superior versatility

Menu based settings for feature selection

such as alarm indication, count method, and

language without the use of a computer.

Field programmable to allow system

upgrades. Multiple units can be installed as

close as 2 inches.

PD 6500i

Walk-Through Metal Detector

Meets the world’s highest test certi_ cations

Garrett’s PD 6500i is an industry leader with superior pinpoint technology and unmatched discrimination features. This detector has proven its e_ ectiveness at moving high volumes of patrons through such events such as the Olympic Games, World Cup 2010 South Africa, and the Pan-American Games in Mexico. The PD_ 6500i has also been trusted to safeguard international airports, hotels, government buildings, and correctional facilities. With its advanced networking and ability to pinpoint targets in 33 detection zones, the PD 6500i is the walk-through of choice for security professionals worldwide.


The Garrett PD 6500i professional walk through metal detector not only has a modern and durable design, but it also meets the stringent equipment safety requirements for all US airports.

Professional walk through Garrett PD 6500i is famous for not only its modern and reliable design but also for complying with rigorous safety norms applicable to all American airports.The hermetic housing which for GPS tracker Guardian II and necessary accessories as batteries (extending the operation of up to 30 days!).

The professional walk-through metal detector was designed for precise threat pinpointing (as many as 33 detection zones), discerning between dangerous and neutral objects (e.g. keys, coins, etc.), and scanning large number of people in a short time in compliance with all the safety standards.


  • airports, seaports, railway stations
  • courthouses, penal institutions
  • factories
  • regular and nuclear power stations
  • military facilities
  • schools and universities
  • stadia and sport facilities
  • a variety of private and public spaces
  • mass events
  • EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) systems

Main advantages of PD6500i



Modern design of multi-directional coil system provides precise threat detection. Very sensitive detector is able to pinpoint pistols, knives, and other sharp or dangerous objects without being triggered by the presence of other harmless objects.



33 detection zones makes it possible to precisely pinpoint any dangerous object. The exact location is calculated on the basis of 18 main and 15 auxiliary zones on the left, the right, and in the middle part of the device.



The design was based on an advanced DSP processor, which enables location of even very small or very fast-moving objects.



The sensitivity of each zone can be adjusted independently, which makes the device independent from external conditions.



Provides uninterfered uniform detection sensitivity and eliminates false signals.



Designed to provide comfort and maximum scanning efficiency without sacrificing full safety.



Clearly visible pacing lights for „stop” and „go”.



Sound signals, LED diodes and clear LCD display make the device very comfortable to use and enable synchronization between observing passing people and controlling the device.



The metal detector has an auto-calibration function and is able to automatically adjust its parameters.



All cables, electronic components and controls are integrated with the device and can be easily accessed. No external cabling is needed.



The access to the walk-through's controls is granted only if the password has been entered correctly. Any attempt to access the controls made by an unauthorized person is automatically registered.



Solid and durable design.



Modular design enables easy assemblage and mounting to the floor. Four main modules are interconnected in a stable way.

Complies with the following safety standards:

  • Meets the TSA's (Transportation Security Administration) standards for EMD (Enhanced Metal Detector) devices.
  • Complies with the NIJ 0601.02 standard for walk-through metal detectors used for weapon and contraband detection.
  • Meets the requirements of 3-Gun FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) test.
  • Complies with the Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) standards.
  • The device was granted a CE certificate.
  • Complies with environmental norms as well as international directives: CSA, TEC, CB and ICNIRP (International Commission for Non Ionizing Radiation Protection) „Reference levels for general public exposure”.
  • The device is safe for people with pacemaker and pregnant women.
  • The device causes no harm to magnetic data carriers.

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