In recent times, theft, vandalism and infiltration of facilities has increased, the owners of which have been obliged to apply the rules and procedures of security and safety, and the development of procedures and laws that force both managers and the Department of Information Security and employees to abide by, using electronic or security gates, and the implementation of the instructions of the guards.

The use of security gates has become one of the safest ways to protect property, whether in private establishments such as shops, malls or public such as banks, hospitals, companies, etc., which are designed with the latest modern technology of all kinds.

The role of electronic portals in the organization of work ..?

Electronic portals have a big role in organizing the work of the facility, which takes the organizational form in accordance with the nature of the work of the facility, such as instructions to allow individuals and the public to enter the facility, and those instructions for the facility depends on this particular facility what works for this facility may not work for others even if they The same function, and always important is to provide security and safety to the clients of the facility according to the nature of its work, that is, the study of the nature of the work of the establishment is what determines the priority of security.

For example, hospitals set certain hours per day to visit patients, and if there were no gatekeepers, there would be chaos in public access at times they were not allowed to visit, and if no electronic portals were used to detect material, the hospital was exposed to unauthorized access to tools and materials. The hospital and patients are at serious risk, or even unauthorized foods are admitted.

The factories have special instructions that correspond to their nature, which includes the times of entry and exit for workers and the public, as well as inspection of cars, whether before entering the factory or exit, it is possible that the factory may be stolen equipment, for example, products of the factory, and therefore gatekeepers check the permits for cars Even the cars entering the factory can have explosive materials or materials that should not be present in the factory, which were sent by a competitor or conspirators to the factory to cause serious problems.Therefore, it is one of the tasks of these gates and their guards to prevent the entry of such materials.

What are the types of portals, and how they work ..?

There are many electronic portals that specialize in the discovery of certain materials such as: -

    Security gates to detect metal, divide the human body into several areas and when you feel any area of ??the security gate of metals illuminate LEDs pointing towards the metal with the sound of an alarm from the security gate.
    Security gates to detect explosives.
    Security gates In order to guard the shops and major malls, the mall gate is characterized by its streamlined shape and high efficiency, and ease of use, and is a clothing alarm detection gates of the wide gates of radio frequency detection, and issue an alarm when the goods pass through without removing the installed crown.
    Security gates for real estate garages such as villas, houses, companies, etc.

    Horizontal garage gates (automatic or via cables), which are the most effective multi-gate metal detectors through sound alarm and lighting, which determine the location of the metal in the body, and sensitive to detect weapons from the top of the gate to reach sensitivity to the floor
    Articulated garage gates, which work on hinged doors, up to a weight of 400 to 700 kg per sash, width from 2.5 to 4.5 meters per sash, and the installation of photocell cells for automatic closing and opening, and the operation of more than a remote control of the system.
    Sliding or automatic sliding garage gates, which work on sliding and sliding doors, from 600 to 6000 kg for the gate, and also include photocell cells for automatic closing and opening, and operate more than a remote control of the system.
    Automatic swivel gates, which work on the doors of shops and garages revolving, and weighing from 160 kg for the door, up to 6 meters wide door, including light cells to close and automatic opening, and the operation of more than a remote.
    Automatic barrier gate, which works by lifting the arm, and includes a 3-meter arm, and includes photocell cells for automatic closing and opening, more than one remote operation, and the possibility of manual opening of the gate.

There are also X-RAY bag detectors: They do the same job as the security gates in the metal show, but here via a screen display system X-Ray system to show what is inside the bags

As for small clothing stores only there are sensors are installed on the door of the shop hidden and installed smoothly and attached with small pieces, the function of these pieces to install each piece separately in the clothes in the shop, and when the piece of clothing attached to this piece outside the shop these The sensors work and give a signal of the exit of the stolen piece of clothing, and here the individual guard security guard at the entrance to the shop that the crime of theft has already been prevented, and this technology already exists in the Egyptian market for more than 10 years.

Also car inspection devices: - It is a device connected to another mirror feel metal and detect any difference when passing under the car with the issuance of an alarm sound.

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