The best gold detector
There are several companies competing in the manufacture of gold detectors and treasures and burials
It turned out that the best device for detecting gold and burials is the Lorenz Red 1 device, as it has proven its worth over the years in terms of depth, performance and accuracy
Lones Z1 device is a device manufactured by the German company Lorenz
The device is installed on several dishes of different sizes
26cm, 35cm, 45cm and 100cm
Where it reaches a depth of 6 meters

No other device has reached this depth
Lorenz Z1 is the best gold, treasures and burial detector
On two systems
The audio system and the imaging system
Acoustic system
This system depends on the sounds made by the device when it detects a signal from the metal buried underground
Photogrammetry system
This system relies on converting an oscilloscope into a diagram that appears on the device screen
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