Gold Monster 1000

Gold Monster 1000 is one of the most famous and modern high-performance devices used in the detection of gold due to its efficiency and strong design and flexible use of advanced VLF technology in the search for gold as the device also comes supported by an automatic system does not need to modify or more knowledge to use

The Gold Monster device is easy to install and dismantle all its parts without any difficulty, which makes it easy to move to the areas of exploration and research, but also can travel to remote areas without damage to it. The device comes supported by two plates dish GM10, which is used to cover a large area during the detection process It also comes with GM5 dish which is used to detect in narrow areas and small areas that cannot be accessed using the other dish.

Gold explorers are always faced with battery problems that are a major obstacle in the process of detecting gold here is characterized by the Gold Monster 1000 that it supports two types of batteries are rechargeable lithium battery, which can be charged with an electric charger or through a normal car charger, which is easy to use and also comes device supported With 8 batteries of AA type

There is a feature in the gold detector gold monster 1000 does not have the rest of the devices as it is possible that the device works gold monster using any stick to carry the device other than the stick that comes with the device which makes carrying the device and solve the problem of the refraction of the stick is not large Wooden load stick and manual manufacturing

There are some modern techniques and systems in the Gold Monster Gold Detector 1000 GOLD MONSTER and include the following:

VLF Technique

The Gold Detector 1000 is developed with a fully automatic and intelligent system based on advanced and intelligent VLF technology to get the best performance of the device and not waste any chance in finding small gold granules and even large pieces of them.

Fully automated operating system

The device is based on an integrated electronic operating system and does not require more time and effort

with two search plates

The presence of two dishes to support research in all areas of small and narrow ones and even large areas and places of large exploration

Highly adjustable

Due to the ease of dismantling and installation of gold detector Gold Monster 1000 it is possible to modify the device amazingly to meet the needs of the explorer

Easy and fast operating system

The device has an easy to operate settings menu and does not need more effort so the user can adjust it and focus in detecting gold instead of wasting time in adjusting the device

with multiple indicators for gold

Gold monster 1000 comes equipped with multiple indicators of gold, which makes knowing the amount of gold discovered is simple and uncomplicated

with the option to ignore the iron

The option of rejecting the iron of the most important options available with the device of the gold monster to receive and discover gold only and listen to the sound of gold only and cut doubt that the piece discovered by the device is iron, but gold

Six different sound levels

To adapt to all types of users and audio levels comes a gold monster equipped with six different levels of sound, making control as required by the explorer

Highly adapt to different terrain

The presence of two dishes to support research in all areas of small and narrow ones and even large areas and places of large exploration

Detect in confined spaces

Using the GM5 dish, the gold detector breaks the gold monster's 1000 barrier of narrow spaces and extends beyond the narrow places where the possibility of gold exists.

Gold Monster 1000 GOLD MONSTER The latest gold detectors, from Gold Rush company offer to gold seekers at the best price

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