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Latest Gold Detectors GPX 4500 GPX

If you are looking for raw gold and a device with high quality and efficiency tested on the ground and you care about the factor of time in the process of research and save effort and find the largest amount of gold ore, so be your choice is GBX 4500

The gold and metal detector GPX 4500 is one of the best devices specialized in discovering the nuggets of natural gold ore and gold veins no matter how large size, whether you are small granules or large pieces of them, as well as gold veins extending underground in the fields of exploration Types of environment, climatic conditions and land terrain, even in areas with high metal ore, where the gold detector GPX 4500 can reach and detect to a greater depth compared to competing devices The GPX 4500 combines precision and outstanding performance and fast due to its specifications and high technologies to be The first device in the search for raw gold and treasures and metals all as the device comes an intelligent system to increase and find the best opportunities of automatic calibration and determine the type of target with precision and ease of

There are some modern technologies and systems in the gold detector GPX 4500 GPZ and includes the following:

SETA DVT MPS technologies for superior gold detection performance

The gold detector GPX 4500 is equipped with the latest technology in the world of gold search except they are SETA and DVT and MPS technology to increase the efficiency and quality of the device in the detection of gold

Equipped with two search plates

The JBX 4500 comes with two plates to facilitate the search process and can search in all climates and terrain.

Six modes of research

The Gold Detector GPX 4500 has developed a smart system that contains six pre-programmed patterns to suit all types of soil and different terrain to increase the chances of detecting gold.

Different timings for all soil types

There is a control for all types of soil that suits all conditions of nature

Possibility of controlling the ground balance option

This property is used in moderate or low mining dust. This option also works well for treasure hunters and souvenirs in all soil types such as parasitic or sandy soils

Screen Darcklight

The GPX 4500 Gold Backlight Detector is designed with an adjustable timing option to conserve battery life

Volume control

The new target volume feature allows you to increase the signal strength of thin targets. This is useful in very stormy weather or for people with hearing problems or when using external speakers. The target volume adjustment option can be used as a sound enhancer in moderate dust and can also be used to reduce or mitigate ground noise signals

Iron rejection property

The iron rejection function allows you to specify the level of discrimination you want between caution and sharpness. This will allow you to search in places where you have already been inspected and filled with scrap metal

GPX 4500 GPX The latest gold detectors, from Gold Rush company offer to gold seekers at the best price

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